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  • Review Previous Calendar Week in Diary
  • Review Upcoming Calendar Entries in Diary/Yahoo Calendar/Lotus Notes (2 wks)
    • Synch where necessary
  • Check the STC monthly calendar
  • Rvw Palm Memo:
    • tickler entries
    • key people



  • Review S/M Lists, Marble Memo Book


  • What parts of the GTD system are not working? Could work better?


  • Empty Your Head


Mind sweep onto paper

  • Gather all loose papers into IN:
    • In-tray, wallet, backpack, portfolio, clipboard, market box, store flyers, snail mailbox, planner in-box, answering machine, meeting notes, photocopies, SCA notes, SCA music, client papers.)


  • Process contents of IN:
    • Action: delegate, defer or do (2 mins or less)
    • No action: toss, someday/maybe, or file for reference


  • Review emails for resulting actions


  • Review previous calendar data for resulting actions


  • Sync calendars
    • Liz, Notes, planner book, Yahoo


  • Review upcoming calendar for preparation actions


  • Review project lists - Notes, Yahoo, hard drive, Marble Projects memo book
    • Any new projects to add?
    • Any projects complete?
    • Any projects to be moved to S/M?
    • Any obstacles need handling?
    • Cross off completed items in each project
    • What are the next actions?
    • Carry next actions onto next actions lists


  • Review my @WaitingFor folders - Notes, Yahoo
    • Is anything overdue?
    • Will anything come due in the upcoming week?
    • Anything to move back to Next Actions?


  • Review Someday/Maybe lists - Marble Memo books, scratch pad
    • Any of these ready to become projects?
    • Any new ones?
    • Any to delete?


  • Review WIP folders @Work @Home
    • Cull outdated or superceded papers


  • Review Projects Memo book
    • Any NAs to be added to lists?
    • Any NAs completed?
    • Any projects completed?
    • Any notes to be made on open projects?


  • Review my Next Action lists.
    • Does anything need scheduling on a specific day?
    • Any contexts need tweaking?
    • Can anything be deleted?


  • Plan upcoming week
    • What are the major foci?
    • What MUST get done?


Maintaining the systems

  • Review My Documents folders @Home @Work
    • Cull and clean


  • Review Start Menu entries @Home


GTD - Weekly questions to ask


  • How many newsletters are you subscribed to right now ?
  • How many inboxes are you using? Are you emptying them regularly?
  • Are you reading a REAL book?
  • How cluttered is your desk? Dining room table?
  • How many "projects" are active right now?
  • Are you exercising?
  • Do you feel stressed?
  • How much sleep are you getting?
  • Are things becoming stagnant?
  • What parts of GTD or inbox processing are not going well?
  • Do I need to do this at all?
  • Can I act on this next action as soon as I read it?
  • How many people did I talk to this week, outside of the office?


  1. Did I make my weekly reviews?
  2. Did I complete all the NAs I wanted to? If not, why?
  3. Do I need to improve some step or element on the GTD system or learn more about it?
  4. Did I feel clear and relax on trying get things done?


Posting from yahoo group:


My weekly review typically lasts about an hour on Friday afternoon.

Here's what I do:


  • Process inboxes
    • desk
    • planner notes
    • bag
    • e-mail inbox
    • e-mail "actions" folder
  • Review my project list
    • to make sure finished projects are removed from the list
    • to see which projects should be moved to Someday/Maybe or deleted
    • to make sure all projects have next actions
  • Review next actions
    • to make sure I haven't missed any projects
    • to make sure things are in the right contexts
    • to find old actions that should be done or deleted
  • Review _last_ week's notes
    • to make sure I haven't missed anything
  • Review my calendar for the upcoming week
  • Review my tickler file for the weekend
  • Review my Waiting For list for follow-ups


Once I have all these things done, I should have all the loose ends of my system tied up. If I'm particularly busy, I'll make a list of weekly priorities, so I work on the right projects next week. Right now, my action lists are probably shorter than they've ever been, but I have another big, high-profile project headed my way in the next week or so that will get me back to "particularly busy."

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