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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

for the grandmother story -- title="scraps" -- related to scrapbook, food, patchwork quality of materials in her room. gail is there to prepare her gran's supper and check her meds, blood suagar, all that. bec her mother is not avaialble. when she gets there, the dianing room table is flooded with old photos. ant carolyn wants gran to label the people in them, but she doesn't like dwelling in the apst.


first person from gail? close third? from gran's perspective? could start with gail coming through the door, and end with her leaving.


gail is dutiful.

MemoirsToRead - How to create a front page portal where this link would make sense?



Layout of this top wiki page


I think I want something resembling this: http://quickmba.com/


I like the old-style breakdown of categories.



Category GTD





  • This is a personal PBWiki site that I'm still figuring out what to do with. For now, it's proving to be a good repository of checklist type info, and as a collection point for links of various types (see the Buy a new car page for an example). But I'm finding the page more difficult to scroll through and find stuff when I'm trying to edit it.
    • Create a Macro Express macro to make inserting neat links easier.
  • Info Management is more at a page level (through the toc tag than at the site level, which I'd have to create manually in the SideBar).
  • This page didn't work too well as a GTD central site, but maybe it's better suited to hold project information (like the car-buying) and project notes. Long-term stuff that doesn't change on a daily basis.
  • Because I want to be able to access it from home and work, PBwiki is very convenient.
  • Would be nice to use these pages as a portal to snippets of information I find useful, but initial cost of setting up a page and the accompanying links...Haven't decided if the cost is worth the benefit (compared to, say, the very quick way I can compose notes in Yahoo Notepad, which also automatically sorts the notes alphanumerically.)

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