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Test procedure for Tarot subjects

Page history last edited by Mike Brown 11 years, 11 months ago


Thank you for participating in this project!

Please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, contact Mike Brown.


Step 1: Decide the Tarot question you will use for both readings

An essential part of any reading is the question. For this experiment, you'll devise a question that will be used in both the online and the personal reading. The goal is NOT to see whether you draw the same cards in both readings! The goal instead is to report on your experience of both situations.


Generally, you want to avoid yes-no questions. Here are some fill-in-the-blank sentences to prompt your imagination. Please don't limit yourself to these questions if they don't spark your curiosity.

  • What should I know about...
  • What should I consider...
  • How can I go about doing...
  • What am I avoiding by...
  • What would help me to...
  • What can I do to...
  • How do I/others feel about...
  • What should I do about...
  • What do I want out of...
  • What's the best way to get what I want regarding...
  • Where will [this situation] lead?
  • And if there's really nothing on your mind, then you can always ask: "What should I know about myself today?"



Step 2: Take the online reading

Before you do the personal reading with Mike, please take the online reading. If possible, please do this reading a day or so before your scheduled reading with Mike. It should take less than 5 minutes.


Here's what to do:


  1. Go to http://www.llewellyn.com/free/tarot.php.
  2. From the Cards dropdown list, select World Spirit Tarot. Note: some card images contain nudity. If that would offend you, please select The Llewellyn Tarot.
  3. From the Spread dropdown list, select Past, Present, Future.
  4. Follow the rest of the instructions on the page and click Proceed.


What to do next: You do not need to record or print out the online reading. But do reflect on the experience of the reading, the layout of the site, how the information was presented to you, your emotional/intellectual impressions of the transaction, etc.


Step 3: Do the personal reading with Mike

There are no special instructions for this step; Mike will walk you through everything. This step may take about 15 minutes.


Note that we will be using the World Spirit Tarot deck and will employ the Past, Present, Future spread. We will also use the same question you devised in Step 1.


If you didn't use the World Spirit Tarot for the online reading, please let Mike know.


Step 4: Take the survey

After you've had both readings, please take the following brief survey at SurveyMonkey.



Step 5: You're done!

Thanks again for taking part in this project!



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