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  • This page will hold materials for Secret Project 1114, a collaboration between Mike (minor partner) and Ellen (major partner)


Wallet stuff

  • nail file (VERY important!)
  • wallet with money, debit card, etc
  • a separate tapestry-patterend zippered coin purse that holds coins and folding money
  • a small oval, dark brown, carving of a sitting Buddha, about the size of a thumbnail, wafer-thin, that I gave to Liz as a token in her Christmas stocking, and which she carries with her on plane flights. she pulls it out and hangs onto it when the plane is leaving the ground (her other hand tightly clutches my hand)
  • reading glasses in a case
  • maybe her contact case
  • Tums
  • clip-on shades
  • comestibles: Orbit Gum (sweet mint!), altoids small mints (find a pic of this on the web), and Listerine pocket paks
  • Burt's Bee's lip balm, a stick of lip gloss


What to wear

  • I like the idea of the Herb shirt
  • I TOTALLY forgot about the Taboo t-shirt. I'll rummage around for that Tue or Thu nights this week.
  • We like the sandals, short chinos
  • eyeglasses folded and hooked over front of shirt


Stuff she says

  • "Where did you get a cutie such as I?" (to which I have replied, variously, "ebay," "amazon," "box tops," "day-old," "in my stocking," "dessert menu," and my own favorite, "i moved the potatoes and there you were.")
  • "You don't have it so bad!" (said when I grouse about cold coffee or some other first-world non-problem)
  • "I look after all my dumb creatures" (meaning her cat, the birds, and me)
  • "I need help with the big answer" (said when working the Sunday Jumble; she's killer on the anagrams but I can usually detect what the punning answer is)



  • Skagen watch -- Just like Mike's!
  • ball-bearing earrings -- From the streets of New York!
  • mints, gum, and Listerine packs in her day-pack -- Because a fresh mouth is a happy mouth!

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