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  • Take one netg course (4/14--not accomplished)
  • Join a writer's group (4/14--achieved last week)
  • Write and complete one short story a month (4/14--stalled and stopped in March)
  • Attend most STC meetings and SIGs (4/14--yes)



  • Buy a new car
    • 6/26 - sort of done. I've put a deposit on a car, and am waiting for it to arrive in mid to late July. But I accomplished the research and shopping and decision-making, as well as the loan and insurance research, which were all the big parts for me.
    • 7/24 DONE -- received car today
  • Take one netg course
    • 4/30--scrapping this goal. The netG courses really just stink. I could work through a book or other tutorial course far faster and to better benefit.
  • Upgrade the PC
    • 5/11-DONE. Had to take the PC in to diagnose the BSOD; turned out to be a bad stick o' RAM. Had them upgrade to 2GB RAM and add a 200GB internal hard drive. DAMN -- meant them to add a video card as well.
  • Schedule the GRE and prep for the test
    • 5/15 - SCHEDULED for Aug 5. Prep is arduous and ongoing.
  • NEW - Enter UNC as a post-baccalaureate student
    • DONE. Started class on 6/22.
  • NEW - Research and sign up for a web-based fax service.
    • 6/26 - meh. Not feeling as strongly about it now.



  • Take the GRE on Aug 5 -- DONE. Scored 800 Verbal and 640 Quantitative. Gawdamighty--I still can't believe it.
  • Buy some clothes for my wardrobe
    • DONE, sorta. Bought 3 new pairs of pants for work; lightweight, so easier to wear on the 90-degree days. Need to buy some new shirts.
  • NEW - Sign up for fall classes. DONE -- with UNC and Ed2Go
  • NEW - Contact people to write recommendations for me. -- DONE: Rebecca, Mary W-J, Mark H, and Mike U have agreed to write recommendations for me.
  • NEW - Prepare and submit application to SILS and Grad School by 9/24
  • NEW - Sell or donate the Lumina. DONE 7/29 -- Donated to TROSA.
  • NEW - Write 2 stories for the writing group to critique
  • NEW - Have all UNC application materials to UNC by end of August.



  • Deadline for applying to SILS for spring -- Oct 15


Next Year

  • Decide whether to open the Ameriprise money market
  • New video card for PC?

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