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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

InlsFinalProject - initial notes

InlsFinalProject2 - 14-Jul, 15-Jul - generation

InlsFinalProject3 - 16-Jul - generation

InlsFinalProject4 - 17-Jul - generation

InlsFinalProject5 - 22-Jul - composition

InlsFinalProject6 - 23-Jul - cheat sheet PDF

Download or view Mike's THINKING ON PAPER cheatsheet here:


Why not edit Mike's list of Evil Cliches and add your own? Here's the Word 2000 version of the PDF:


During the composing phase, I tagged chunks of text, scribbled down other ideas, and crossed out stuff I knew I wouldn't need. Here's the PDF showing 3 of those pages during the composition phase:


Another book I just ran across that describes somewhat the same technique, though less structured:

Amazon.com: Writing without Teachers: Books: Peter Elbow



Book is described here:

Writing Without Teachers



Spew Then Organize


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