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4/23/06 - from Mark Mcelroy's Bright Ideas newsletter

Your One-Sentence Tarot Journal


A lot of people keep Tarot journals -- books filled with notes on readings and insights into what the cards mean for them. A Tarot journal makes it easy to track your experience with the cards over time.


So many people tell me, Id love to keep a Tarot journal, but I dont have time to write three or four pages of insights down every day! As a result, I just cant make Tarot journaling a habit.


So I ask, Do you have time to write one sentence?


Your Tarot journal entries dont have to be short novels in order to enhance your experience with the cards. In fact, a *one sentence* entry, completed every day, can often do more for you, in practical terms, than writing a lengthy essay might.


Give it a try: every morning, draw one card. Clear your mind, then ask, What might this card have to tell me about living today to its fullest? Finally, write down the first sentence that comes to mind.


The Six of Coins might prompt you to write, Find a way to help someone else today. The Devil might prompt you to write, Be aware of selfish impulses. The Queen of Cups might suggest, Listen to people without passing judgment.


This simple process can help you make short work of applying the cards to the process of every day living.


Some other quick ideas:



  • Instead of a notebook, try emailing your one-sentence Tarot journal entries to yourself, making them easy to file and find later on.
  • Sign up for a free LiveJournal or TypePad.com account and post your single-sentence entries there.
  • If you have enough time, you can always draw more than one card (and write more than one sentence) per day.

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