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Buy a new car

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  • Tracy Blickensderfer @ State Farm - 401-6147


Cars of interest


  • Single numbers refer to the overall ratings given these cars in THE CAR BOOK 2006 by Jack Gillis
  • MSN-7.0-9.2 (expert/owners)
  • CR-Consumer Reports overall test score


  • Scion roundup
    • Scion xA
      • "I finally test-drove a 2006 Polar White Scion xA with 5-speeds the other day. I liked it but, if really ready to buy, would absolutely have to drive the 2006 Kia Rio5 and 2006 Kia Rio LX sedan before making any kind of a decision."
      • "But anyone looking at cars in this segment should keep an open mind and go drive a Rio or Rio5, they've done a fine job with this vehicle. It's very smooth for its size and quite nimble. It's turning out to be a hot seller.Its sister the Hyundai Accent line is worth a look in this segment as well...they're built off a common platform. "
    • Scion xC



  • Honda Fit
    • Read somewhere you can't change out the radio. Read the following on an edmunds forum: "Stopped at Circuit City and bought a Roady XT, to be installed Sunday (I'm not at all handy with such things so I'll let them hard wire the power in then use the aux jack to connect it to the radio)." http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.f0c0dc8/40




  • VW Golf 9
    • Car Book says int. space is cramped
    • Car Book best bet, but it looks awfully old-fashioned
    • Not heard great things about local VW dealer


  • Subaru Forester 7//MSN 7.0-9.4//CR 76
    • Retail Price (MSRP): $21,795 (average: $23,152)
    • Worse than category average: Fuel Economy (City): 20 mpg. (average: 20.12 mpg.)


  • Honda Element 5//MSN 7.0-9.2//CR 59
    • The guy at Wasp said the owners were disappointed in the mileage.
    • The online forum for Element owners love it and rave about it. They say it's got more room inside than a Rav4
    • Fuel Economy (City): 21 mpg. (average: 20.12 mpg.)


  • Honda CR-V 6//MSN 8.3-9.6//CR 73
    • Fuel Economy (City): 23 mpg. (average: 20.12 mpg.)
    • Sat in it; my head brushed the top of the interior. Too small.



Not quite

  • Ford Escape
  • Mazda Tribute 5
  • Mazda MPV 6//MSN 7.8-10//CR 69
  • Hyundai Santa Fe 8
  • Nissan Quest 6
  • Scion xB 7
    • good mileage, but underpowered v4 engine
  • Kia Sedona 8
    • Yahoo
    • minivan, more expensive than Sportage, worse mileage
  • Chrysler Town & Country 8


Buy direct

New Cars and used cars are available at CarsDirect.com




Dealers web sites




  • The Lumina deserves a good home
    • donate to trosa


Owner Reviews



From edmunds.com:

Second, realize that it's difficult, if not impossible, to find all the features you want (and avoid all the features you don't want) in a single vehicle. Cars, like the rest of life, are a mishmash, a smorgasbord of good and bad. Weigh the things that are most important to you and take it from there.








Fast, Fun, Fuel-Efficient Fliers -- Inside Line



Honda Fit Accessories - Genuine Factory Honda Accessories, made by Honda for your Honda.





23 April 2006

OK, finally, creating this page.


28 April 2006

  • Been reading of people spending 4 months to research and buy a car. I want to spend 4 days...
  • I'm thinking of picking the mechanic first and then buying the car they specialize in. At Wasp, those are Japanese models: Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc. The Kia and Hyundai look solid and cheaper--but where would I take them if they break down or need fixing? The little town 80 miles away where I bought them? Nuh-uh. I'd feel much safer buying a car that I know I can take to a trustworthy shop.
    • Update: Michelle said she takes her Hyundai Sonata to Massee Bros. at 55x54.
  • MU suggested trying Honda of Oxford, about an hour north of here. He said he sees lots of cars with their badge; they have low overhead, so can sell cars a little more cheaply. Neat idea.


30 April 2006

  • Test drove Element and Fit yesterday. The Element was OK; felt very comfy and safe. But the Fit turned my head; more fun to drive. Much cheaper, MUCH better mileage than the Element, even in the automatic transmission version. Now examining the whole subcompact/hatchback line. But if I wanted to cut the process short now, I'd just order a Fit and be done with it. The salesman said so far all his Fits are pre-sold, they only have one demo vehicle on the lot. Really sweet car; not all the bells and whistles of the Element (no XM radio for example), but I could probably get out for under $20K. Most of their money made on the accessories.



06 May 2006

  • Test drove Fit with Liz. Had a better salesman, more relaxed and informative. He didn't talk much or try to make small talk during the drive. Didn't try to push a sale on us. He sent a boilerplate email afterward reminding me of how they get their Fits from the factory. It's possible I could put down a deposit in May and not have the car till August.


  • Recieved email from the Leith dealer; his price matched Crown's, but he specified the amounts for tax, title transfer, and "documentation fee." I sent an email reply to Crown stating what I thought the final figure looked to be, with Leith's information, and did he think that's in the ballpark? Sent similar mail to Leith, detailing color and options, raising the question about the doc'n fee, and asking if the final figure I came to seemed in the ballpark? Invited both to tell me about their financing arrangements.


  • I like using the email route.


  • I liked driving the Fit today. As I drove, I thought, "This is really as much car as I'll ever need."


08 May 2006

  • Asked Leith and Crown to clarify what the final price will be, from their perspectives. Crown replied tbat the prices quoted on the Honda site don't include dealer cost for installing. HAH. Well, it looks like I can order many of them from a thrid-party and install them myself. So that's ok. Will call Boyd this week and see what their prices are like.


  • emailed boyd for a quote


  • ed @ rtpfcu - 941-5626



09 May 2006

  • Talked to the guy at Boyd -- he said dealers are making very little profit on the car. He said they charge $200 doc fee vs the $400-500 in Raleigh/Chapel Hill.


  • Crown: 18,004.66
  • Leith: 18,028.87
  • Boyd: came back with a quote about $200 less than Crown's; not enough to make up for the inconvenience of driving there.


16 May 2006

From Harry Ball at Crown:

Your Fit has a scheduled production date of 5/30. Of course with overseas plants that can be off by 2 or 3 weeks, but I'm hopeful it will get completed by then. Then allow 20 - 25 days to take the long journey!


I forwarded this info to Ed at rtpfcu.


Also asked Harry to keep me updated every other week or so on the vehicle's progress.



23 June 2006

  • The Fit is on its way from Japan.
  • I can contact the credit union and state farm on the same day that the car arrives to arrange the loan and the insurance. Neither needs much in the way of lead time.


09 July 2006

  • The Fit arrived in the US on July 5. Will take about 2 more weeks to make it here.


24 Jul 2006

PICKED UP MY FIT TODAY!! The car arrived last Thursday and was ready by the next day or so, but I needed the weekend to work on my final presentation so decided to delay pickup till Monday (today). Called RTPFCU on Thu and they processed the check that day, and Tracy got temp insurance cards out that day also. Everything has gone so very smoothly, as I'd wanted it to. The car has a cream of tomato color, is very cute, and I love it so far.


Also called TROSA today about donating the Lumina and they said they would like to have it. Take it by between 8 and 4 Mon-Sat; they have notaries on staff.


Everything's going very well. I'm very pleased and satisfied.


29 Jul 2006

Donated the Lumina to TROSA today. Received the plate back. Almost complete. Next, cancel the Lumina insurance, have Crown put on the new tags.

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