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Active Projects

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

Overall intentions and objectives for 2006

  • I am healthy and fit
  • I am in a Masters program
  • I am writing one short story a month -- or more! -- and bringing them to the group
  • I am meeting new people monthly via professional and personal socializing, committees, and group work
  • I am engaged in fun, intellectual work with people who are smart, relaxed, and respectful
  • DONE - In an easy and relaxed manner, in its own good time, I want to drive an orange Honda Fit, that I bought at a fair price and I want to feel good about the transaction



Active Projects




  • Writing group obligations
    • robyn
    • vanhook


  • troubleshoot liz's computer re audacity install
    • maybe a video driver problem. Or: shut down all background processes except firewall and reinstall. Least intrusive.


Waiting On



  • Tarot exercises - #23
  • Finish re-read of BWord Manual
  • Yardwork
    • Buy an electric chainsaw and outdoor extension cords
    • Set a date for using the chainsaw >> Cut the bamboo, the dead evergreen
  • em anne clark at aboutfaceproperties.com
  • write to doris
  • write to betsy martin
  • test the maxemail>>send a fax to it from work? send a fax to it from home?

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